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Equipment, software and know-how exclusive for project developments, operations, and end users with an international standard for the brazilian market.


Network of air quality monitoring sensors with resolution in ppb (parts per billion).


The FAU-TDL is specifically designed to monitor CH4, CO2, O2 or H2S gases wherever it is needed. Can be customized according to customer’s needs.


It provides an exciting opportunity for all parties involved to view field operations using technology, based on fundamental principles that provide accurate, credible and auditable information.



Ecotec is a company of American origin, with 10 years’ experience in the Brazilian national market in the use of gases through equipment, technology and innovative solutions for transforming biogas into energy and renewable fuel.

The company’s commitment is sustainability from gas utilization for renewable energy in the Brazil market, through a wide range of technologies recognized worldwide to reduce the impacts of the greenhouse effect and generate clean energy and biofuels wich will become a great source of alternative energy worldwide.

Lead by experienced experts in the biogas market, Ecotec provides excellence in consulting and customized projects in partnership with companies operating in landfills, agribusiness, industry, distribution and consumers to comply with Brazilian state environmental legislation, Brazilian technical standards, and business management from use of gas.


ECOTEC specializes in the design, development, and monitoring of customized projects, and technological solutions for gas recovery systems. Our services enhance the quality and accuracy of renewable fuels captured with our comprehensive service, ingenuity, attention to detail, and our dedication to the success of every project.

We offer a wide range of high technology equipment for gas collection, transmission and treatment, to meet the needs of each client.

We provide the best equipment solutions for our clients who have short-term demand needs. We offer equipment rental.

We offer technical support and maintenance for our equipment and gas recovery systems.

We provide our services in design, development and monitoring of customized projects and technological solutions for gas recovery systems.

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